Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picnic at the Pool

Since Daddy is gone for two nights Mommie decided to schlep all the kids and their dinner to the pool. Ahhh yes, a refreshing change of scenery. The wind in our hair, the sun at our back, the fresh air, the mess: ELSEWHERE! We just pack it up and move it out. We are not talking about some gourmet fare transported in a linen lined basket with cheese and crackers, caviar and bon-bons folks. (Dreaming) This is paper plates and some ziploc finger food transported in a recycled Whole Foods paper bag with handles. Last night was blueberries, cherries and grapes with organic, free range, gluten-free chicken dino nuggets, corn puffs, and Trader Joe's version of cheddar cheetos- with no red dye #40! My kids rarely get to eat this much packaged crap, so believe me they were lovin it. When you are two years old, a picnic at the pool is cool and eating on a table with a bench is fun. Making a mess on concrete is frowned upon, but not time-out worthy like in the kitchen back home. So overall, picnics at the pool ROCK OUR WORLD!

Then, after our meal the kids just splash around and play for hours! I am not sure what I will do when summer is over....maybe we should move to a summer year round climate so I never have to serve dinner in the kitchen again? Vegas? Scottsdale? Palm Beach? San Diego? Hmmmm, that is a thought!

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