Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Baby is ONE Year old

Our sweet baby girl. She is already a year old. Sheeesh that was quick. She is technically a toddler now, but you can damn well bet I am not ready to admit it. I am still squeezing her into a size 3-6 months gymboree stretchy sleeper because I can not and will not grasp the fact that she is my last baby. Sure her toes are jammed up into the footie part of the pj's and they are skin tight, but I refuse to believe she has outgrown them- she is a ahem, sniff sniff, a baby.

Last night we officially celebrated the one year milestone. We gathered at the pool for mousse cake and ice cream. At the request of Natalie there were party hats, balloons and a BIG cake. The older kids and their friends, Uncle Howard & Aunt Diane with the boys, and Argenida all were there to honor BABY Charlotte. Baby Charlotte people, not Toddler Charlotte, not Charlotte, I said BABY CHARLOTTE and now I am yelling it.

It was a simple and lovely evening- just as a first birthday should be. The photos speak volumes so listen to this:

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