Monday, June 30, 2008

My Three Foodies and one Wino

People have marveled at the lack of "crap" my kids eat. For the most part they eat a variety of nutritious meals- CJ eating exclusively Gluten Free of course, but collectively all of them eating more than their fair share of fresh fruits and vegetables. They eat what we eat and that means very few grilled cheese sandwiches and more exotic flavors. I am not a short order cook, so if I am preparing a meal it is designed to feed the masses- all nine of us, everyday and night.

Don't think these kids are deprived of anything though. They have older siblings who have been kind enough to introduce them to the likes of Chipotle, Wendy's, Snickers bars and Reeses PB cups. I look the other way at most of that and I know eventually they too will be ingesting horrid choices. For now, they eat beyond their 2 year palates and are miniture foodies.

We have been regularly frequenting the 5 for $5 Friday Nights at Whole Foods and while Jeff and I sample 5 new wines paired with food, the kids likewise, sample all kinds of new things too. The produce department and deli/cheese case are always a hit.

Maybe they are learning too much too soon? I did not realize how closely Natalie pays attention to what is being said. Example: We experienced a great Friday meal at WHOLE FOODS and the featured wines were described in great detail. Our personal favorite that night evening was a crisp Fume Blanc matched with a pistastio crusted wild salmon fillet. Over the top delicious. Jeff and I ooohed and ahhed about it for a while. We discussed purchasing a few bottles to have on hand, we talked about how it was good value and it was our favorite tasting of that night. The server had said that it was a nice and refreshing summer wine selection- Fume Blanc is great with fish and chicken- it was fruity and slightly spicy. We finished the Whole Foods night with a cafe style meal and some fresh scoops of gelato. CIAO!

When we got in the van we asked the kids what their favorite food item was- Eli liked the chocolate gelato, CJ loved the corned beef and Natalie raved about the salmon. Just jokingly Jeff asked her which wine she liked, and she LOUDLY said, THE FUME BLANC! She said it with perfect pronunciation- FOOMAY BLONK. My little foodie likes FUME BLANC! I was beaming with pride for about a second- then I realized, she is totally soaking in everything! I have three foodies and a wino. So much for talking negatively about anything - except on my blog of course!

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