Sunday, June 22, 2008

Greetings From Hell

The title is two fold. You see GAHANNA, the suburb of Columbus neighboring where we live is the HEBREW word for Hell, okay, so the Hebrew word for hell is Ga-haynah, it is pronounced the same. Gahanna, Ga-hayna, either way with the recent nap and bedtime routine I am living in HELL.

Since the cribs are gone our little people have been holy terrors going to sleep in the freedom of a bed. They fight the nap and bedtime like nobody's business. They are two years old. It is what they do. I know it is a phase but they are wearing me out. Did I already say I am living in HELL?

Today we went to Babies R US and paid retail (GASP!) for 3 new baby gates. The tallest ones they had. Once installed they keep all the toddlers confined to their rooms. Okay, so they can still get out of bed, but now they must stay in the room. Why didn't we think of this sooner? Perhaps if I weren't so tired I could have discovered this miracle weeks ago?

Oh, and to add to the misery, ughhh I mean Neighborhood is having their annual garage sale next weekend, so if you are trying to buy used clothing and crappy furniture that looks like Hell - c'mon over, I am selling everything that is not nailed down.

More blog updates tomorrow for now, I am just sitting at the computer listening to the P-A-R-T-Y upstairs and I am doing my best to keep from shouting...GO TO HELL!

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