Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gimme a Break (for 37 hours)

I took a Mommie break yesterday. A whole 37 hours away from my full time job. I snuck away with Jeff to the burbs of Chicago. We flew in and out so fast that I never even unpacked my carry-pn. While my husband was busy delivering his speech I managed to have a proper lady like lunch and get some shopping research completed.

Hello Neiman Marcus at Oakbrook. I started my quest with a fine lunch at Cafe Neiman Marcus. Of course there was the starter of hot chicken broth and a freshly baked pop-over with the signature Strawberry Butter.

I ordered a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio and a half sandwich of tuna salad- tomato basil soup combination. The meal was sublime and totally indulgent in that I was alone, flipping through catalogs and magazines while sipping white wine.

I was disturbed only by Annoying, Affluent lifestyle, Chatty Grandma who was blabbering away on her I-Phone a few tables away. She was the micro managing matriarch type who was instructing her cleaning lady on which food she could eat, and what needed to be done. I know every possible detail about it because she was yammering so loud. My dirty looks did not cause her to curb the call, and finally, after a few people complained she was asked to take her call elsewhere. I happily went about devouring my meal, then was off to hit the fine jewelry department.

Let me just be clear about how much I adore fine jewerlry that has significance. For example, when Jeff and I got married in a religious ceremony we had to select a solid metal band without stones as part of our Jewish service. The plain band is soooo not me- it is the anti-bling band and it is significant because we were married with it, but beyond that it pretty much gets no wear. Instead I chose a 3 ring trinity band as my everyday wedding band. When we married it was a package deal; Jeff, Amanda and Mitchell, so I thought it would be lovely to have a wedding band that represented all three of them, and had some bling, of course. I treasure the 3 ring band because it has personal meaning to me.

When the triplets came along I wanted something special to wear that represented them too. I had seen the enamel and diamond baby shoes by Aaron Basha and thought they were whimsical and fun. I was not 100% sure I would wear them everyday, but liked the idea of fine jewelry that was both sentimental and precious. I had no idea how much each of these tiny charms cost, but I knew they were collected, so I did my homework. As it turns out these dainty little trinkets are adorable. Astronomical in price too. I saw them in person at Neimans over a year ago and nearly fainted at the $2,100 plus tax price of each shoe. Keep in mind I needed 3 shoes, and the white gold chain ($2800), plus a few spacers ($350 a pop) so I could wear them properly. All together that was over $15,000- for a novelty necklace. Yeah right- I can't afford pre-school for three toddlers but I can wear an Aaron Basha necklace??? NOT!

Here is the exact pink enamel, white gold and diamond shoe sold at Neiman Marcus. You can clearly see the $2100 tag.

Here is my Aaron Basha-ish, chain necklace with all FOUR babies properly spaced and represented. YES, now I have Charlotte and The Trio, making it FOUR BABIES to wear around my neck.... BUT WAIT! The necklace I am proudly wearing is AARON BASHA-esque. YES, I am proudly receiving tons of oohs and ahhha, and raving compliments on my replica necklace.

Now seriously people, who would know the difference? Can you honestly say that it looks any different? It is an exact replica, a fake, a copy, and KNOCK OFF. I am sentimental and beaming with pride wearing a new family heirloom necklace. Absurd Aaron Basha charms, OH PULEEEZ, gimme a break....for 37 hours please!

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