Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fourth and Final Day

With a late afternoon flight scheduled, we had time to spend relaxing at the pool. The kids absolutely LOVE the water, so they relished the moments with Lillian and Sam inside the gated baby pool. It was hotter than ever, so the refreshing cool water was nice. As you can see here, I spared no expense for the finest pool toys:

Seriously though, I could have spent a small fortune buying cutesy pool toys at PUBLIX, but raded the kitchen instead. I am not sure they could have had more fun than they did with the collader and propel bottles.

As for baby Charlotte, she is like a fish in the water. She adores being a part of the activities- whatever we do, where ever we go.

Our final day was fun- I think the kids were kind of sad to leave our "FLORIDA HOUSE". When we got home in Columbus, Natalie let us know we were back at our "COLUMBUS HOUSE!"


Kathy said...

Hi! I just got finish reading your old posts. Your children are adorable!

I have a question, do you keep her regular pamper on or do you buy the water pampers(dont know what they are called).

This is the first time Im taking my 10 month old swimming.

Thanks in advance!

Kathy said... in "her" I mean Charlotte. =)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I buy the Swim Diapers at Costco- they have Nemo on the front and I think they are acutally made by Huggies.

Have a nice time at the pool!

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