Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disney Diary DAY TWO

Because we did not wake up early enough the day before we scheduled BREAKFAST with ELMO at Seaworld for 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. The advance tickets said to arrive at the restaurant inside the park 15 minutes ahead of your seating time. Okay, so we had to drop Jeff off at his speaking program in Lake Buena Vista, get all of our kids dressed and buckled into the rental van and allow enough time to drive to Sea World, park and trek inside to have the most important meal of the day with our furry friend, ELMO. Ahhhhh the joy!

Bottom line...The kids loved it. The adults- not so much. Okay, not at all. First, let me publicly vent about the experience from a parental standpoint. So when you reserve your spot for this event on the Sea World website, the forms ask how many adults and how many infants and kids. You can make special requests- like high chairs, Gluten free meal etc. However, when you arrive they have no record or concept of what you requested. We needed seating for 6 high chairs and 7 adults, when we checked in with the hostess we were shuffled off to a banquet style table with chairs and utensil roll ups. No high chairs in sight. When we asked about them we were pointed to the far corner of the restaurant and we had to schlep our own high chairs to our table. This would not have been a big deal if:

a.) we only needed one high chair,
b.) they had not asked us how we wanted our table set- but we did ask!
c.) we were required to check our stroller at the hostess stand- meaning we were shown to our table with 6 mobile kids and no way to corral them while we schelpped high chairs...UGHHHH FRUSTRATING!

and as for the gluten free meal...there was no such thing. I was told that the eggs and fruit on the buffet were gluten free (really??? duh) but there were no other items offered or substituted. Huge bummer. Why ask if you have no plan to accomodate?

The Sesame Street characters were good about the photo opps with the kids which is what you really expect when you are paying $17.95 a person plus tax and tip and park admission prices ( an additional $58) for a lame buffet breakfast. What??? no blintzes and smoked salmon? Just cereals, some pastry, eggs, breakfast meat and potatoes?

Our day at Sea World was as Jeff would say- "everything you would expect from a 93 degree day at Seaworld in Orlando." The kids were happy and that is what really matters at the end of the day. But for me it was the people watching which was better than the actual exhibits. Thanks to mother nature and the GOD AWFUL humidity we spent most of our time at shows like the polar bears and penguins. Anything indoors was a bonus. We even started pushing the stroller near open doorways of shops in the hopes of catching a blast of the air conditioning from inside. So if I had a Zagat like rating system for amusement parks- Sea World Orlando in June would be a no go. No go unless you like sweating from every possible pore on your body, pushing a 160 pound stroller around very large, sweaty people in shorts. Not pretty by any means folks- so NO GO I say!

So when you wonder how it is possible for the kids to have so much fun- consider these factors.... they did not have any concept of how much friggin money it cost, they rode inside a stroller and were pushed for miles, saw some pretty cool looking creatures, and they could fall asleep while being driven home. I am sure their Zagat rating was higher than mine.

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