Friday, June 13, 2008

De-Lurk and Say Hello

I have been diligently writing this blog and updating as regularly as possible, and in the short 6 months since I started I have had over 5000 hits to the site. I know that my parents, Aaryn and a few others pop in to check up on us....and I LOVE that.

I am just curious to find out who else reads my blog. I know some other triplet mamas and friends from Triplet Connection have seen us here, but I do not have any of the high tech James Bond software that tells me how many unique users, or how many times a day the same people open our page...I really don't care. I do want to know who has been lurking around so I can say hello and thank you for caring about my family. No judgements- just curiosity.

Just leave a comment or message under this post and say hello. Don't worry you don't have to leave any contact info, I do not want your (GASP!) first born child-or money- I just want to find out who is here.

Have a great weekend- say hi and if you have any comments or suggestions- feel free to add them to the comments section.

The Queen!


Lynda said...
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Lynda said...

28.3 WEEKERS BORN 5/20/06

Jen said...

Hi! I am a fellow triplet mama from TC!!!!

Shellie said...

Hi Helene, It's Shellie. We miss all of you. Aaryn and Ephraim are here visiting. we are having a great time, and she is cooking up a storm for each Shabbos....we are getting ready to go to the gym and work out and then swim....

hugs to all of the kids, Jeff, and to the newly graduated woman, Amanda. where is she going to college? Nathan is starting to think about going away to MN, the end of August..
love, Shellie

Karen said...

You don't need high-tech James Bond software to know. Try :)

Anyway, you found me, and now I'm reading your blog, so you know who I am. But hey, I'm another Jewish triplet mama (plus!). So we've got lots in common.

momof3cce said...

Hello, I just found your blog..just thinking about what could've been. I am a mother 2 three 2bio boys 11 & 9 and an amazing relative adopted princess 4. We have unexplained secondary inferility and recently concieved and lost a triplet pregnancy.
Thanks for sharing your family.

Maria said...

Hi! I"m just a mama to one but I found your blog through How Fast They Grow in my digi-scrapping quests!

Jessica said...

Hi Helene!!
I totally read, and you TOTALLY make me giggle on EVERY SINGLE installment of your life :)
Keep blogging, it suits you SO well...

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks everyone...I think this is cool too.

stranger said...

Hi Helene, Triplet Momma from IND. GGG 28 weekers 3-20-07.

Heather S.

Annie said...

Hi Helene----

Mom to BGGB quads born 11/3/06......from reading up on you guys!

Julie said...

Hi, I am a mother of two and found your blog through How Fast They Grow. I am addicted to your posts. It is so reassuring to know that someone else is experiencing the same craziness that I am. You have a beautiful family. thanks for sharing all the stories.
Julie Holtgrave
Glen Carbon, IL

Catherine said...

I followed a link from Triplet Connection. I'm a triplet mom in Maryland, but I have several friends in the Columbus area, including a couple in New Albany.

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