Monday, June 16, 2008

Cheap Mommie and Rich Daddy

Father's Day was a celebration of our Daddy. We took our special Daddy to Easton for a little breakfast to start the day.

Cheap Mommie bought Rich Daddy a new leather wallet. He requested a techno-rigged "mousetrap wallet" that would snap at the fingers of nameless "takers" who opened the cash section looking for the first national bank of dad- New Albany Branch. Like a mousetrap with cheese his wallet is filled with green bills that attract rodents in our house, so he wanted a better system of filing. No luck on the pest control, he had to settle for what frugal Mommie found at TJ MAXX.

We let deserving Daddy indulge in a nice Cuban Cigar, and a late afternoon nap while Mommie took the kids to the neighborhood pool for a few hours. Keeping with my theme on being frugal...the best pool toys for our kids are my big yellow colander, a few plastic bottles from the recycling bin and a couple of otherwise disposable cups from fast food restaurants. All the other kids were borrowing our toys- they were jealous of the propel bottles. Sure, I could spend boatloads of cash on fancy floaties, stacking blocks and other made for the pool entertainers but honestly, our kids are all too happy with what I frugally offer. If it is not broken, why fix it?

The same philosophy is true with teeting toys. I have opted to get a bit more creative with baby Charlotte. I have not bought her any of the popsicle looking silicone rings that vibrate or a $230 Silver Tiffany Teether. Her teething toys are available at Whole Foods, right in the organic produce section. They are biodegradable, disposable, GREEN friendly and full of vitamins. I found that a partially frozen, fresh strawberry is her ideal tooth soother, The seeds are just nubby enough to provide texture and the juicy fruity taste is at its' peak this time of year. Okay, so I have to spend a few bucks on stain remover, or strip her to just a diaper and let her go to town out on the deck where she can be hosed off before returning to the great indoors. Seriously, when you look at how much she is enjoying herself, why would you let her suffer sucking on some sterling silver bauble?

This frugal mommie has found some real winners using the contents of Daddy's new wallet.

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