Friday, June 6, 2008

Amanda has Graduated!

It is official. Jeff has a daughter in college. Not me though, I am way too young to have a daughter THAT OLD. For crying out loud, I am so young that I do not even have botox, or restylane yet.....yet I say, I do have a birthday coming up in December! But Jeff has a daughter that just graduated from High School. And let me just say that CSG does Graduation in STYLE.

The girls do NOT wear some tacky rented cap and gown. At CSG they select their own white dresses- like debutante or bridal gowns really, and they are simply spectacular. These couture creations are the stuff Vera Wang dreams about. Amanda chose a simple and elegant dress with a hint of drape at the waist and a chiffon overlay, classic beauty. She had ordered it from a bridal shop and I had not seen it on her until right before the service. Along with the tradition, the ladies all carry arm bouquets of long stemmed red roses. Amanda is gorgeous. Jeff even teared up when he saw her in her glory. I pity him on her wedding day- he will be a crying mess.

The girls (I guess I should call them women?) got to truly shine (pun intended) as the class of 2008. Shine with beads of glistening perspiration or dripping with sweat as Amanda would say - underneath the big tent on the lawn of the school It was a glorious ceremony with pomp and circumstance, as a graduation should be. The only thing that would have made the afternoon better would have been a cooler breeze or lower temps. All in all it was a delightful graduation celebration.

Aunt Shelbie and Uncle Jeff came into town and were there to support Amanda with the rest of the family. It was so emotional to have Shelbie there- I remember when she told us that she would see us at Amanda's graduation, and despite being on a ventilator she was there- right where Amanda could see her from the risers. The commencement speaker was certainly motivational but Shelbie is downright INSPIRATIONAL and AMAZING. Go Shelbie. G-d willing, We will see you at Mitchell's graduation in 2011.

We finished the evening with a lovely catered dinner at the Country Club. Amanda's grandparents were gracious in hosting our family and honoring Amanda. Once again, Amanda looked so lady like and grown up. Man, my husband is a dinosaur. He has a daughter old enough to go away to college....hmmmm, maybe I should get him the botox, restylane and lipo for Father's Day? Just think in 17 years all of our children we be out of high school and off to college.

Congratulations Amanda- the whole family is really proud of you!

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