Friday, May 9, 2008

The Queen is Back!

I did not want to mention it in advance- for fear of jinxing it, but I went out of town. By myself. No kids, no husband. Just two friends and MOI. Destination- Palm Beach, FL. Oh how I love it there, always have, always will. The shops, the restaurants, the insanely rich people and did I mention the shopping? We talked, we whined, we dined, we shopped like mad and we lived to tell about it, right here on my blog!

For those of you reading my blog while kids are napping, or while you are fantasizing about taking such a trip, RUN, RUN NOW- LOG OFF, but if you stay don't say I didn't warn you. This post will make you want to run- run like the wind out of town….. Ohh La la!

My fierce MOMMIE Glam Entourage: The Busy Little Mommie Diva. Her alias will be "R", she too has 6 kids, 3 she gave birth to, and 3 she inherited with her charming, perfect husband, We love him, God bless him, he did not even feel well while we were gone! Anywho, She has a thing for hair. We all have a thing for hair when you think about it, But her hair is always fabulous. I spent the week with her and at 7 am her hair is perfect. still flawless at midnight after a day of being busy. She complains that she can't do her own hair and she must have it professionally blown out for it to look decent. Liar! Either she has a stylist on call in her room or she must be kidding. The bad thing about sharing a place with a perfectly coiffed diva is that you begin to question your own hair. I think I will start wearing my ROYAL crown in public- this QUEEN can hide some bad hair underneath a tiara or crown.

Joining our posse had a touch of Cleveland, with gorgeous Mrs. LS, who is currently addicted to working out with some personal trainer named Jaques, or is it Phillipe? No matter, she looks absolutely AMAZING- like super-fit totally toned Mommie. I mean honestly, who goes on a girls vacation and still manages to work-out everyday? Gimme a break, this is why she is blinging out the back pockets of her True Religion jeans with rhinestones and making a designer statement back there... yup, to draw attention to her completely toned tush. Thanks to Mr. Buns of Steel at the Club, no doubt. Not fair, not fair!

The pool scene at THE BREAKERS was spectacular. We spent some time at the Relaxation Pool but left after we got in trouble with the mean lifeguard. Who knew that you could not use a cell phone from your chaise lounger? Apparently you are supposed to just lay there in your chair and be SILENT. Oh please, relaxation means Enya coming from the faux rock shaped stereo speakers and aromotherapy sunscreen, right? Guess not. C'mon banning discreet cell phone use- annoying! And what better way to relax than chatting it up with other Queen mommies back home? So much for the Relaxation pool. The Breakers should rename it the BORING and DULL pool.

The Restaurant Cucina Dell'Arte -The finest cuisine of Palm Beach was our first crime scene. Dinner and drinks with loud music and even louder hip patrons. I was the only one there without restylane injections and botox. We had the best table, of course, right in front on the edge of the patio. It was a slice of heaven- the best people watching and some divine Italian food. Real Italian, not that Olive Garden crap you see on tv. And we drank fine wine, laughed and talked and did not miss our husbands or kids, not even for a minute. Okay, maybe 30 seconds, but then not.

We managed to spend 8 hours shopping the next day- not even stopping for lunch. Just pounding the pavement all day. In the heat. No wonder everyone in South Florida is skinny and dressed to kill- they shop all day and never eat. I get it, note to self: Shop more, eat less. I scored some amazing deals on Sample Road and oogled everything on Worth Avenue. As a group we did some serious damage to our wallets but for once, I was out shopped by my friends. Call the Guiness Book of World Records NOW! I said, I was outshopped. Can you hear all the jaws dropping?

Well getting back to the very big scene that is PALM BEACH…It is crazy and not my real life but it is a fun escape. So back to reality now, and here is my take on the experience.... As life is all about change, evolving, (and I am going to be 40) and I’m having the best time ever, new friends, and old places. Designing my life. Losing weight. I have lost a size, and gained a new attitude, fat just traps you in to being old and the same. Reinvent and make new. Have fun. Make an entourage with your QUEEN MOMMIE friends…dress up and go out! High heels, French Manicures and Fast Cars- okay so not the last one anymore, hell, I drive a friggin mini-van. Do I have to write an entire book for you! I can’t, I have 6 kids and a needy husband at home.

PS- No pics of the crime scenes...I was too busy enjoying myself to take pics, but trust me- we looked GOOD

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