Thursday, May 15, 2008


I attended an art auction last night. This was not some fancy schmancy, pricey gallery downtown- it was at the Synagogue Pre-school. You see, this was at what I lovingly call, "Temple Beth CHANEL." Trust me when I say, (with all do respect) there were more Chanel Handbags in the Synagogue social hall than on display the Chanel boutique on Worth Avenue. Believe me, I was in the Chanel Boutique just last week and the handbag selection was sparse, but at Temple Beth Chanel here in Bexley, there was fine assortment. Anyway.....the pre-school auctions off the artwork created by the students as a fundraiser for the school. This is genius. Here is what happens: All the Mommies, Daddys and Grandparents get dressed up and go to the make shift art gallery and bid on their kid's creations. What parent or worse yet, what grandparent would not buy their child's original artwork? Genius. The school gets the donations and the patrons go home with PRE-SCHOOL PICASSOS. Fabulous. And after seeing the brilliant work this school does with 3 year olds, you can bet I am trying my best to get our 3 soon-to-be 3 year olds enrolled. I even bought lunch with the director from the silent auction. SHHHHH, it is a silent auction win, so let's keep this our little secret until my darling children are enrolled at TEMPLE BETH CHANEL.

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