Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pajama Party-(all night long!)

The transition from cribs to beds is not going well. In fact it sucks. It sucks big time and that is the honest truth. Eli is a monkey and he climbs, jumps and swings from any surface of his room. CJ follows his direction and Natalie tries to stay in her new big girl bed but is tempted by the wild sounds coming from the monkey cage (Eli's crib tented domicile)....sooo anywho, what can we do? We beg, we plead, we gate them in, but no matter what we do it is a freakin PAJAMA PARTY every night, all night. We are putting them to bed on time and listening to the rave going on in there for hours. Hours people. Like 3 hours of non stop chaos. This has to stop- we can't take it anymore. I am signing them up for the clinical trial for Baby AMBIEN, the pharmacuetical company that invents such a cure for nocturnal monkey toddlers will be getting my support. They could make it chewable and shaped like a cartoon character. The slogan could be, "YUMMY BABY AMBIEN, kids, it is good for you!"
ARGHHHHHHHHH BIG YAWN... I am going back to bed now since I was kept awake by the all nighter in the nursery! Enjoy these photos-this is what they look like prior to going to bed. They are so dang cute it is hard to imagine them being night owl hellions huh?

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