Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Chinese-English-Spanish-Yiddush speaking family

Okay, so the kids are being exposed to a variety of cultures and languages. We watch Dora and Diego. We have a Spanish speaking Aupair from Panama. Jeff swears in Yiddish. Yolanda spoke Zulu. You get the picture. It is a good thing right? Maybe not so much,

One of the preschool shows they watch is called NI HAO KILAN on Noggin. It is a bi-lingual Chinese-English animated show. Ni hao is the Chinese way to say hello and Ki-lan is the cartoon character's name and it is a clever little show- until now!

Yesterday's episode was about SNOW. The Chinese word for SNOW is Shit. So from the kitchen I hear the Chinese equivelent of Dora the Explorer saying she is putting together a basket of Shit to cover the hole. Then she says Lulu covered the whole hill with Shit. Note to self, WTF was that? Seriously I had to play it back on the tivo twice to make sure I heard it correctly. I did. The show is teaching my two year olds to say SHIT.

Here is the you tube version of the 3 minute episode I am talking about. Watch it for yourself, and see what I am rambling about. Although, If you have ever lived in Kansas City or Central Ohio I guess it is not just a Chinese cultural language issue either- I hear people saying, awww look at all that Shit, or Someone needs to shovel that Shit, or I hate driving in this shit, but honestly- with all the possible Chinese expressions to teach American kids, the producers chose this one? Gimme a Break! What a crock of Snow, I mean, SHIT!

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