Thursday, May 22, 2008


The boys have been transitioning to toddler beds for the last month or so. Sometimes we put them to bed and they talk and mess around for bit before falling asleep. Sometimes they party like it is 1999. Most of the time we end up taking the monkey (Eli) out of his toddler firetruck bed and put him inside the big crib with the crib tent. He can make the choice to stay in his big boy bed, or get out, but if he gets out and starts causing chaos, it is an immediate move to the crib tent. Last night they had baths, got into jammies, and were tucked neatly inside the firetruck beds. There was some chatting and giggling but nothing too G-d awful. After about 20 minutes it was silent. This meant one of two things-

1. they fell fast asleep,
2. they were causing some serious T-R-O-U-B-L-E

I went creeping quietly up the stairs to investigate. Upon entering their room it was obvious that they were not in bed. They managed to scale the baby gate, climb over it, and rummage through the Jack and Jill bathroom. The sight of the mess was so bad that I actually left to get re-inforcements and my camera. I am sure I will laugh about this someday, but last night I was not laughing as I tried to remove DESITIN from their hair!

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