Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Barber Shop Boy has the cutest dimple

Our Eli loves to go to see Randy at the Barber Shop. I have never seen a kid enjoy a haircut as much as Eli. He and Randy have a history. Randy has been cutting Eli's hair since he was 8 months old- and you know how we share everything with our hairdresser- so it is no wonder that Eli LOVES to go to get his hairs did. Eli and Randy talk and laugh everytime. Randy has his own kids so he knows how to build a rapport with Big E. When we drive on Hamilton Road and pass the Silver Lane Barber Shop, Eli points and yells, "Dare is Randeeeez House!" "Go get haircut from Randy, MOMMIE!"

After his Summer cut we ate outside on the patio of Rotelli and showed us his rarely seen little dimple. I know I am totally biased here- but he is totally handsome!

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