Tuesday, May 27, 2008

As seen on TV- the PEDI-EGG

Imagine my shock when I found the Pedi-egg at Walgreens this weekend. I have seen the PediEgg (as advertised on T.V.) and I knew it was tough enough to peel an orange so maybe there really was hope for my poor dry, calloused feet. I think Jeff got injured last week when my stray heel wondered onto his half of the bed and snagged his leg. After spending about $10, I sat on the edge of my bed and assembled my new cheese grater, urgh- uhhh, I mean Pedi-egg. There is a metal blade and egg shaped holder that snaps into place. I then proceeded to remove all the nasty dead skin from the bottom of my feet like, 1-2-3 in a rapid whirling motion from toes to heels. The neat PediEgg saves all the gross trimmings inside the shell so you don’t have to sweep up shavings either. There is no need for alpha hydroxy acid to smooth out any remaining rough edges because the alternative blade is a file like an emery board for buffing out the remaining imperfections. The little device does an excellent job, but I will warn you - if you remove every callous and piece of thick skin on your feet you will not be wearing sandals or heels. Your pretty feet will be too sensitive to do anything except lounge in bed watching television infomercials about more grooming products- as seen on tv. As for my husband....don't tell him I said anything, but YEAH- he is now obsessed with it too- and if his feet should wander onto my side of the bed they will be like velvet pillows next to my pretty little peepers!

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