Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Little Dare Devil...CJ is fearless!

Our peanut has always been fearless. He loves the thrill of anything fast, wild or scary. Just last night he decided that going down our slide in the living room was getting boring. CJ needed to spice things up. Have you ever seen Johnny Knoxville on Jackass? I fear my future with this boy....he loves to be outrageous. This is CJ's way of making the slide more challenging- he is riding the tractor trailer portion of his BIG TRUCK set from Little Tikes, See what I mean?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

As seen on TV- the PEDI-EGG

Imagine my shock when I found the Pedi-egg at Walgreens this weekend. I have seen the PediEgg (as advertised on T.V.) and I knew it was tough enough to peel an orange so maybe there really was hope for my poor dry, calloused feet. I think Jeff got injured last week when my stray heel wondered onto his half of the bed and snagged his leg. After spending about $10, I sat on the edge of my bed and assembled my new cheese grater, urgh- uhhh, I mean Pedi-egg. There is a metal blade and egg shaped holder that snaps into place. I then proceeded to remove all the nasty dead skin from the bottom of my feet like, 1-2-3 in a rapid whirling motion from toes to heels. The neat PediEgg saves all the gross trimmings inside the shell so you don’t have to sweep up shavings either. There is no need for alpha hydroxy acid to smooth out any remaining rough edges because the alternative blade is a file like an emery board for buffing out the remaining imperfections. The little device does an excellent job, but I will warn you - if you remove every callous and piece of thick skin on your feet you will not be wearing sandals or heels. Your pretty feet will be too sensitive to do anything except lounge in bed watching television infomercials about more grooming products- as seen on tv. As for my husband....don't tell him I said anything, but YEAH- he is now obsessed with it too- and if his feet should wander onto my side of the bed they will be like velvet pillows next to my pretty little peepers!

Sunny Days and Sunny Deck Dinners

Oh glorious Sunny Days....loving the ability to just pack em up and move-em out every day now. No coats, no hats, just sunglasses and a stroller. We discovered that feeding all the kids outside on the deck is GENIUS! We can hose down the high chairs, and rinse the deck floor with the hose nozzle on pressure wash. I am not sure we will ever feed them dinner in the house again. Dining al fresco is so much nicer. The birds, rodents and ants that live in our backyard are going to get FAT from all the droppings, but I do not care...I am into recycling, composting and Going Green...starting with the leftover food gone wild underneath my deck!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Natalie Kate

Over the next few weeks I will showcase a "best of series" about each of our kids. We have Amanda's graduation coming up and that will provide a serious photo opp. But for today let me share MISS NATALIE KATE SLUTSKY with you. These are just some candid shots of her taken this morning. Natalie being Natalie if you will...the actress in her Hollywood sunglasses! Notice the blinged out tee-shirt with Swarovski crystals. Totally girlie don't you think?

Our Puttanesca Penne Pasta PRINCESS

We introduced baby Charlotte to the wonderful world of flavor last night. I am afraid there is no turning back to strained veggies and pureed fruits no matter how delicious, organic and fresh they are. Once this little Princess got her first taste of Puttanesca sauce on Penne Pasta she was thrilled. Fistfulls of penne were devoured and she was smiling with each tasty bite. We have always paired Bath night and Pasta night so it is best to just strip them down to nothing and let them have at it. We have always done this with the other kids and we did not want her to miss the opportunity to really enjoy herself. Opportunity taken. Here are the photos of the Puttanesca Princess!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The boys have been transitioning to toddler beds for the last month or so. Sometimes we put them to bed and they talk and mess around for bit before falling asleep. Sometimes they party like it is 1999. Most of the time we end up taking the monkey (Eli) out of his toddler firetruck bed and put him inside the big crib with the crib tent. He can make the choice to stay in his big boy bed, or get out, but if he gets out and starts causing chaos, it is an immediate move to the crib tent. Last night they had baths, got into jammies, and were tucked neatly inside the firetruck beds. There was some chatting and giggling but nothing too G-d awful. After about 20 minutes it was silent. This meant one of two things-

1. they fell fast asleep,
2. they were causing some serious T-R-O-U-B-L-E

I went creeping quietly up the stairs to investigate. Upon entering their room it was obvious that they were not in bed. They managed to scale the baby gate, climb over it, and rummage through the Jack and Jill bathroom. The sight of the mess was so bad that I actually left to get re-inforcements and my camera. I am sure I will laugh about this someday, but last night I was not laughing as I tried to remove DESITIN from their hair!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Triple Fun

Sometimes you can capture a moment in time with the click of the camera. This morning was glorious- sunny and mild and beautiful. Since the triplets were ready for school ahead of schedule (miracle) I let them go outside and play for a while. They love to see what is new in the garden and everyday something is blooming. For about one second the three were standing there on the sidewalk holding hands! HOLDING HANDS and GETTING ALONG. No pushing and shoving, no pulling, just standing there posing as if to say- Look Mommie, we are triplets and we are behaving so nicely. I GOT IT! Moment captured!

Our Curly Cutie

Genetics....I guess there really was no chance of having a straight haired child. Given the genetics involved it was only a matter of time before Charlotte exhibited the cutest curls. All of a sudden she has some wild and curly hair. Not yet a Jew fro like Daddy or Mitchell, but more like Natalie's soft ringlet curlies...humiditity inspired hairstyles are in her future. Like overnight she went from barely any hair to a full head of sweet curly brown hair. She was a hat model up until now because there really was not enough hair to clip in a bow- but now....holy moley, she is a curly girl.

Hey Lillian and Aunt Shell: Recognize this adorable outfit? Thanks! XOXOXOX

Monday, May 19, 2008

Triplet Mommies ROCk!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend quality time with (commiserate with ?) three other triplet mommies. All of us have triplets born in the second half of 2005-meaning we all have 2.5 year old triplets. After on line networking for sometime we decided to meet face to face right here in Columbus. We would have had a much better turn out if Skybus had not gone belly up, but what can you do? Next year will be even better- I think we will meet at Canyon Ranch or some other dreamy destination besides BEEE-u-tiful Columbus, Ohio!

So what did these amazing women do when given a weekend without their kids? We went to 5 for $5 at Whole Foods, where we sampled 5 new wines paired with appetizers, followed by a cafe meal and some serious CARDIO at Filene's Basement/DSW. The next day we met for more Shopping at EASTON, lunch, and spa pedicures. We capped off the evening with a delicious sushi dinner at Sapporo and a quick stop at Cold Stone. In between all the togetherness we managed to nap and get a relatively good nights sleep. Relative means that I should have sprung for a hotel room locally- so make that 3 out of 4 got a good nights sleep.

Making cyber friends is great- you can network, brag, complain, and vent to people who truly understand what you are going through with 3 active 2 year olds- But, meeting these incredible ladies in person is PRICELESS. Here is to new friends- cha ching! Cheers!

Great Video gone BAD!

We intended the following video to be a sweet surprise for Nana and Papa who check the blog regularly. It was going all fine and good right up until the end, when sadly, it went bad- ugh, make that VERY BAD....poor Charlotte. Disclaimer **** no babies were injured as a result of the making of this video!

Friday, May 16, 2008

MY Mambo Munchkins

The kids love to dance the Mambo. Most kids do the hokey pokey or play duck, duck, goose- Not my kids. The Mambo. Since they started watching Classical Baby at 6 months, they have listened to all types of Classic Dance music- but now after the repition they actually know the different songs, beats and dances. Could it be they actually got Jeff's ability to dance? Oh Please GOD let them have rhythm and coordination. Here is a 45 second snapshot of my Mambo Munchkins.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I attended an art auction last night. This was not some fancy schmancy, pricey gallery downtown- it was at the Synagogue Pre-school. You see, this was at what I lovingly call, "Temple Beth CHANEL." Trust me when I say, (with all do respect) there were more Chanel Handbags in the Synagogue social hall than on display the Chanel boutique on Worth Avenue. Believe me, I was in the Chanel Boutique just last week and the handbag selection was sparse, but at Temple Beth Chanel here in Bexley, there was fine assortment. Anyway.....the pre-school auctions off the artwork created by the students as a fundraiser for the school. This is genius. Here is what happens: All the Mommies, Daddys and Grandparents get dressed up and go to the make shift art gallery and bid on their kid's creations. What parent or worse yet, what grandparent would not buy their child's original artwork? Genius. The school gets the donations and the patrons go home with PRE-SCHOOL PICASSOS. Fabulous. And after seeing the brilliant work this school does with 3 year olds, you can bet I am trying my best to get our 3 soon-to-be 3 year olds enrolled. I even bought lunch with the director from the silent auction. SHHHHH, it is a silent auction win, so let's keep this our little secret until my darling children are enrolled at TEMPLE BETH CHANEL.

The Barber Shop Boy has the cutest dimple

Our Eli loves to go to see Randy at the Barber Shop. I have never seen a kid enjoy a haircut as much as Eli. He and Randy have a history. Randy has been cutting Eli's hair since he was 8 months old- and you know how we share everything with our hairdresser- so it is no wonder that Eli LOVES to go to get his hairs did. Eli and Randy talk and laugh everytime. Randy has his own kids so he knows how to build a rapport with Big E. When we drive on Hamilton Road and pass the Silver Lane Barber Shop, Eli points and yells, "Dare is Randeeeez House!" "Go get haircut from Randy, MOMMIE!"

After his Summer cut we ate outside on the patio of Rotelli and showed us his rarely seen little dimple. I know I am totally biased here- but he is totally handsome!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ode to Helene

In order fully appreciate the following MOTHER'S DAY Poem, you need to remember that the apple does not fall far from the tree folks. Mitchell wrote this himself but it is pure Jeff- ughhhhh....what have I done? I have two more boys at home?? See what I am dealing with everyday?

by Mitchell Slutsky on Mother's Day 2008

Oh Helene, you is da bomb
Quite possibly the greatest Bonus Mom
Whether it is making dinner or picking me up from school
There is no other quite as cool
Even though I did not come from your vagina
You run our house smoother than Mao did Communist China
Today we celebrate this day for you
You will be happy to know I wrote this while taking a poo
So here is to you Helene
The one and only bonus mom that is QUEEN
I love you
I appreciate all that you do
Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Wheeew, what a day. An amazing display of planning on Amanda's part- she got up extra early, went to Tim Horton's and brought back surprises for me. The day started with a fancy paper scroll tied with ribbon- and unrolled it revealed a treasure map poem that included a sweet gift and another clue. So thoughtful. My day was spectacular and was only enhanced by the fact that there were so many people involved. When all the scrolls were found I had received a set of photos and footprints of the 4 little ones, a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, breakfast in bed, a 24x20 framed englargement of the Jennifer Mullinax family picture- (hung over my fireplace when I came into the room) and a Panamanian swimdress cover-up. Mitchell wrote me his own ODE TO HELENE poem, which I will share in another post. All in all it was the finest Mother's Day celebration. I was not disappointed at all. Here is the sound of the triplets wishing me a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Queen is Back!

I did not want to mention it in advance- for fear of jinxing it, but I went out of town. By myself. No kids, no husband. Just two friends and MOI. Destination- Palm Beach, FL. Oh how I love it there, always have, always will. The shops, the restaurants, the insanely rich people and did I mention the shopping? We talked, we whined, we dined, we shopped like mad and we lived to tell about it, right here on my blog!

For those of you reading my blog while kids are napping, or while you are fantasizing about taking such a trip, RUN, RUN NOW- LOG OFF, but if you stay don't say I didn't warn you. This post will make you want to run- run like the wind out of town….. Ohh La la!

My fierce MOMMIE Glam Entourage: The Busy Little Mommie Diva. Her alias will be "R", she too has 6 kids, 3 she gave birth to, and 3 she inherited with her charming, perfect husband, We love him, God bless him, he did not even feel well while we were gone! Anywho, She has a thing for hair. We all have a thing for hair when you think about it, But her hair is always fabulous. I spent the week with her and at 7 am her hair is perfect. still flawless at midnight after a day of being busy. She complains that she can't do her own hair and she must have it professionally blown out for it to look decent. Liar! Either she has a stylist on call in her room or she must be kidding. The bad thing about sharing a place with a perfectly coiffed diva is that you begin to question your own hair. I think I will start wearing my ROYAL crown in public- this QUEEN can hide some bad hair underneath a tiara or crown.

Joining our posse had a touch of Cleveland, with gorgeous Mrs. LS, who is currently addicted to working out with some personal trainer named Jaques, or is it Phillipe? No matter, she looks absolutely AMAZING- like super-fit totally toned Mommie. I mean honestly, who goes on a girls vacation and still manages to work-out everyday? Gimme a break, this is why she is blinging out the back pockets of her True Religion jeans with rhinestones and making a designer statement back there... yup, to draw attention to her completely toned tush. Thanks to Mr. Buns of Steel at the Club, no doubt. Not fair, not fair!

The pool scene at THE BREAKERS was spectacular. We spent some time at the Relaxation Pool but left after we got in trouble with the mean lifeguard. Who knew that you could not use a cell phone from your chaise lounger? Apparently you are supposed to just lay there in your chair and be SILENT. Oh please, relaxation means Enya coming from the faux rock shaped stereo speakers and aromotherapy sunscreen, right? Guess not. C'mon banning discreet cell phone use- annoying! And what better way to relax than chatting it up with other Queen mommies back home? So much for the Relaxation pool. The Breakers should rename it the BORING and DULL pool.

The Restaurant Cucina Dell'Arte -The finest cuisine of Palm Beach was our first crime scene. Dinner and drinks with loud music and even louder hip patrons. I was the only one there without restylane injections and botox. We had the best table, of course, right in front on the edge of the patio. It was a slice of heaven- the best people watching and some divine Italian food. Real Italian, not that Olive Garden crap you see on tv. And we drank fine wine, laughed and talked and did not miss our husbands or kids, not even for a minute. Okay, maybe 30 seconds, but then not.

We managed to spend 8 hours shopping the next day- not even stopping for lunch. Just pounding the pavement all day. In the heat. No wonder everyone in South Florida is skinny and dressed to kill- they shop all day and never eat. I get it, note to self: Shop more, eat less. I scored some amazing deals on Sample Road and oogled everything on Worth Avenue. As a group we did some serious damage to our wallets but for once, I was out shopped by my friends. Call the Guiness Book of World Records NOW! I said, I was outshopped. Can you hear all the jaws dropping?

Well getting back to the very big scene that is PALM BEACH…It is crazy and not my real life but it is a fun escape. So back to reality now, and here is my take on the experience.... As life is all about change, evolving, (and I am going to be 40) and I’m having the best time ever, new friends, and old places. Designing my life. Losing weight. I have lost a size, and gained a new attitude, fat just traps you in to being old and the same. Reinvent and make new. Have fun. Make an entourage with your QUEEN MOMMIE friends…dress up and go out! High heels, French Manicures and Fast Cars- okay so not the last one anymore, hell, I drive a friggin mini-van. Do I have to write an entire book for you! I can’t, I have 6 kids and a needy husband at home.

PS- No pics of the crime scenes...I was too busy enjoying myself to take pics, but trust me- we looked GOOD

How long will this phase last?

I know it is a phase....but now Natalie and Eli are big time into hugging each other. Lovingly. Not agressive, not the typical toddler powerful (let me squeeze the living daylights out of you) hugging either- this is actual kindness. In a quick, let me grab my digital camera moment I was able to capture this sweet act of affection while we were at COSTCO last night. I know it is a phase, but LORD, Please let this last a little longer, it is the cutest thing you could ever see, and YES...all the passersby at COSTCO were saying....awwww!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pajama Party-(all night long!)

The transition from cribs to beds is not going well. In fact it sucks. It sucks big time and that is the honest truth. Eli is a monkey and he climbs, jumps and swings from any surface of his room. CJ follows his direction and Natalie tries to stay in her new big girl bed but is tempted by the wild sounds coming from the monkey cage (Eli's crib tented domicile)....sooo anywho, what can we do? We beg, we plead, we gate them in, but no matter what we do it is a freakin PAJAMA PARTY every night, all night. We are putting them to bed on time and listening to the rave going on in there for hours. Hours people. Like 3 hours of non stop chaos. This has to stop- we can't take it anymore. I am signing them up for the clinical trial for Baby AMBIEN, the pharmacuetical company that invents such a cure for nocturnal monkey toddlers will be getting my support. They could make it chewable and shaped like a cartoon character. The slogan could be, "YUMMY BABY AMBIEN, kids, it is good for you!"
ARGHHHHHHHHH BIG YAWN... I am going back to bed now since I was kept awake by the all nighter in the nursery! Enjoy these photos-this is what they look like prior to going to bed. They are so dang cute it is hard to imagine them being night owl hellions huh?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Real Kids

Here are some unscripted, candid shots of the kids taken at Amanda's Lacrosse game yesterday. It was a beautiful MAY day with warm windy breezes and plenty of sunshine. My choo choo wagon was filled with schmutzadicka (dirty, stained, filthy) toddlers. The kids spent more than a hour on the playground, rolling in fields, running on a dusty path, and jumping in puddles that the sprinklers made. KID HEAVEN on Earth! So when you look at these pictures you should see the joy in their eyes and the dirt on their faces as a sign that they are doing what toddlers are supposed to do.... PLAY OUTSIDE!

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