Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring it IS!

Ahhhhhh the Spring of Central Ohio. This post could be pre-mature or wishful thinking but for two days (in a row) we have had sunny skies and mild temps. I know this praising post will jinx it, so to double un-jinx it I am getting my van washed today too. So if it rains my tulips, daffodils and crocus will get a drink, and if it stays dry and sunny the kids will get to play at the park. Oh how they love to "PLAYPARK"- one word meaning to reek havoc on the playground. Take a look at all the energy they can release in Spring weather. The photos do not show me grilling chicken on the deck, Jeff drinking a glass of Pinot and smoking a Cuban, or the mass of outdoor toys piled high on our patio or the weed pits that were my flowerbeds last season. I am saving those photo opps for another post. For now, enjoy our sunny smiles and HAPPY SPRING!

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The older crowd

The older crowd
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