Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shabbat Dinner- SUMMER SUPPER

Sometimes I just really enjoy making a meal for the family- especially on nights when I have the proper time to do it right. No rushing around, no panic- just the pure joy of creating a wonderful feast. This past Friday we had Rachelle, Nat and the kids over for a Friday night celebration. Technically it was still Passover, but the observing part of the holiday was over for us, so I went all out and made dinner. I do not normally post pictures of my cooking on my blog- but in this case, it is time to say SUMMER SUPPER- the weather cooperated and we were able to grill and enjoy the all time best flavors of Summer. I made a fresh fruit tray salad, fresh baby peas, corn on the cob, salt crusted baked potatoes, Seared (rare) AHI tuna Kabobs, Kobe beef burgers, Challah rolls, and sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzerella, basil and balsamic vinegar glaze. Rachelle bought a frozen Grasshopper ice cream pie from Graeters. We ate dinner then let the kids go wild in the playroom. Normally I would just post the photos of the kids playing- but look at this spread....I will post pics of the kids another time.

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The older crowd

The older crowd
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