Monday, April 28, 2008

Our zoo goes to the zoo

I am not sure what attracts attention at the zoo....the animal exhibits or my own kids on display in the stroller. We used the choo choo wagon last year when we went to the zoo and that was a sight that most zoo patrons could not comprehend- Jeff and I agreed we got more looks than most of the animals. This year we ventured out to the zoo again, and had a blast. Our quad stroller offers sun shades and is much easier to manuever through the parking lot and on the sidewalks at the zoo.

Lillian and Sam went too, and in the double stroller they blended into the crowd no problem....unless we were parked side by side and were snapping pics- then it turned a few heads- it was an unusual spectacle to see 4 two year olds and 2 babies with only one daddy. Nat took on the role well and told anyone who dared to ask him that YES...they were all his kids. YIKES- he went on to say- they were all his but they had two mommies- which was odd, so he followed up the conversation by saying, yes, they are all my kids, we are polygimists. Conversation over.

The kids LOVED the zoo and all the animals. The favorites were the monkeys and gorillas because we got a great view of them and they were quite entertaining. Since we became friends of the zoo this year you can bet we will be making this field trip more often

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The older crowd
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