Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No more Scrapbooking Excuses

You have heard me say that my poor kids will probably need therapy for the dis-service I am doing in not scrapbooking. I know all the other Mommies make these amazing journals and keepsakes. I know that my kids will have to bring in a friggin circus animal for show and tell in order to compete with their friends. With all the money I am saving by not officially scrapbooking I will be able to afford their therapy sessions.

I have the photos, the albums, the creativity. What I don't have is the time, energy or financial resources to buy all the cutters, grommets, mattes, embellishments, tools and papers needed to create the beautiful scrapbooks I dream about. Even if I had the boat loads of cash, where would I store all the supplies and projects so that I could devote all of my spare time to bettering my kids memories of childhood? I doubt that I could handle the chaos that would happen if I even tried it- so my blog has been a half assed substitute for my lack of scrapbooking....until now.

I discovered a Mom owned, on line digital scrapbooking service ( with templates that allow you to upload your photos, drag and drop them into the pages, journal a story or paragraph and look like you are a pro. It is so easy. No more excuses. I was able to crank out a 12 page baby book for Charlotte during her nap time. The company prints the pages and ships them to you- ready to be placed in a standard 12x12 leather scrapbook. Totally user friendly and in my own defense, idiot proof. At around $7.50 a page it is an affordable convienence.

The company featured us in their on-line newsletter and has a sample of some of the pages I made for Charlotte- you can see them here:

Now the only things stopping me from blogging and scrapbooking are excuses!


Jenny said...

i heard about you on the hftg website yesterday! honestly, i have wanted to try it but feel like it's too hard to organize. did you really enjoy it and feel like it was easy to navigate / complete? i understand it's a time saver but it seems like actually doing it is hard to me. perhaps i just need to jump in and go for it!
i've gotta ask...are you really preggers? i'm totally wondering it you did that for april fool's!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I have all my kid photos in a few files in the my documents section of my computer. I was able to upload them in themes and just drag and drop them into the pages. My journaling was quick and easy- I struggled with whether to keep the fonts the same page to page or whether to mix it up a bit- other than that it was really easy. I would try it and if it is not for you- no loss other than your time.

And yes, it was an April fool joke...I think secretly I wish I were pg because Charlotte is growing up so fast and she is my last baby

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