Friday, April 4, 2008

"DRIVE BY JEWISH PARENTING" I have thought about this term for sometime now. Like a random act of violence, a drive by shooting is an unsolicited attack- we all know the term Drive By shooting. I have been experiencing a phenomenon of other mommies saying negative things and offering unwelcome words of wisdom- I have deemed this annoying behavior, DRIVE BY JEWISH PARENTING. Much like the shootings, I am referring to unprevoked, un-necessary advice and comments about and related to parenting. Specifically my parenting but it very well could be your parenting too.

Having triplets plus a new baby makes me a prime (and slow moving) target for these blatant drive bys . Not a day goes by when some older woman tells me what I am doing to ruin my kids. I am ready for retalliation, but instead of shooting back, I want to just display their ignorance and insulting remarks for the world to see.

If a complete stranger tells you that you are holding, feeding or disciplining you child wrong, tell us about it here. Click on the comments below this post to document the most outrageous and heinous offenders. Any bits of stupid advice, critical comments and annoying suggestions count. Good examples from my own experience are:

Just last week in the airport, a woman asked me if I had a photo of my baby wearing that hat? (pointing to Charlotte who was modeling my ridiculously cute creation) I smiled and proudly said, YES!!! I was preparing myself to accept a compliment WHEN....she dropped the bomb and fired her shot at me, she said, "Ewwww, she is going to hate that photo when she is old enough to form an opinion."

NICE huh? Now it is your your best JEWISH MOTHERING DRIVE BYS and let's see who wins the prize!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is terrible.

I had a lady in the check out line tell me that my baby was hungry because he was chewing his fingers. I said, no he is just teething, and she argued with me and said I should offer him something to eat so he would be putting his hands in his mouth. THE NERVE of some people!

Jessica said...

Wow, I must be lucky, I've never had the "joy" of experiencing a Drive by.....but with having triplets I'm sure my time will come. Amazing how many rude people there are out there, the nerve!!

Anonymous said...

If Mother in Laws count in the contest mine will be a contender. I love how she is constantly telling me to quit nursing my baby and start feeding her steak and potatoes- at 5 months old. She gave my husband REAL food at 5 months and he turned out fine, didn't he?

TripletMomma said...

How is this...with my triplets in their stroller a older couple said, "Well,some people don't understand the words birth control."

mama2three said...

YES YES YES...I have a primo example for you!

Our elderly neighbor told me- it's no wonder your baby hasn't caught a cold- I never see him with a hat on his head- Keep in mind she never sees him outside in the winter either- we drive out of our garage in a car with heat.

Whatever! Nice thread- I love hearing that other people run into this kind of stress. UGH!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

A friend who should remain nameless shared a Drive By with me off line...I will post an abbreviated version here.

After quitting her job to stay home and parent two children under two, my friend's mother in law (from hell) came to visit her grandkids. Upon noticing that there were dandelions along the perimeter of the yard, the MIL said, Hmmm, since you aren't working anymore I thought you would find time to pull weeds and dandelions- I would never let my yard go like this just because I had small children.

Cindysaysso said...

i love this, it is hysterical. A few weeks ago a man in the mall told me that my son needed a haircut.

Mama Pigeon--Carrie said...

Yep, been there with the comments. I heard my MIL telling my DH that the kids had received too much in their baskets for Easter. Another time I bought new toothbrushes for the triplets, and put them near the sink. My DH gave them to the kids and I took them away. Jackson started to cry and my MIL says "well I'm just going to give him back his toothbrush". I lost it that time and yelled NO you are not.

Aaryn Rubin said...

i was once speaking with an older lady and telling her that the triplets love grapes, and she told me that she would never give kids grapes because there was once someone who had a daughter who ate a grape and never recovered....the triplets still eat purple grapes!

Anonymous said...

"Don't you think that your child is too old to be sucking a pacifier in public?"

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The older crowd
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