Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dental Drama (?)

I thought for sure that the first trip to the dentist would be pure chaos. I watched Jon & Kate plus 8 take their sextuplets for a dental visit and figured if they can do it- so can I. awww hell, I only have three toddlers, surely I can handle it. We made our appointment back to back so all the two year olds would take turns and have a peer model. I went with them without helpers because they listen to me better without another authority figure. My way or the highway. It was so easy people. They loved it. First, you have to understand that we had been talking about the dentist for weeks. The trio knew they would say AHHHHH and that Jeanie would count their teeth. Pretty simple. I figured that all the tools, instruments and gagdets would be fair game in the exam room, and like clockwork all three were touching the hoses and squirting air from the tooth dryer. Jeanie was so patient and engaging. She gave them rubber gloves, some dental props, and a huge larger than life toothbrush. It was like dental pre-school. I think they all passed. Were they destructive? NO! Were they curious and into everything? YES! That is what two year olds do....that and count their siblings teeth! I guess the only drama in the dentist's office was the arrival of three, two-year olds- that ain't drama folks, that is my everyday life!

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The older crowd
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