Monday, April 14, 2008

Arranged Marriages

I have been thinking...about the past and about the future with regard to marriages. In the past arranged marriages were conducted to assure family harmony and to pair up partnerships that would be otherwise overlooked by obstacles- like homely girls and geeky boys. In the more primitive times these pre-destined marriages were contracted with benefits like cattle, or other tangible goods to the parentals. That was then. Nowadays you just pray that your kids will grow up to find a mate that they are compatible with and love, and that your new relatives are the type of people you want to be associated with at seders and grandkids birthday parties.

I look at all of our kids and I can't help but wonder what the future holds for them. Right now the older two are making choices with dating and experimenting with people from other religious backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Fine. Not a problem, in fact, I welcome the diversity into our lives and I hope they learn something. They are old enough to make informed decsions and they have heard enough preaching from us to know the difference between acceptible and unacceptible behaviors. They are young and wild and free. Totally cool. I get that.

Then I look at the group of toddlers we have- so sweet and loving. I would like to eliminate the pain they main someday endure from the harsh social world of rude messages on facebook, rejection from the opposite sex and game playing, ooops I mean, dating. It got me thinking....what is so bad about arranged marriages? Aside from the fact that in most US cultures they are totally taboo and that they are pretty much illegal. I could pick a family I adore, one with a cute and hip mommie and a handsome daddy and their gorgeous son that has great hair and devilish smile. WAIT! I found him. And Natalie already likes him a lot and can say his name. She can even call for him in her loud shrill (I mean affectionate) voice.... "JAKEY!!!! Jakey come-ear right NOW! JAKEY!!!!" So....take a look at these punims...what do you think? Arranged marriage or not?


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