Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Girlie

This morning when I helped Natalie get dressed for school she insisted on taking the purse that matches her dress. I take pride in her ability to accessorize at such an early age. She already is obsessed with hairbows- they distinguish her from the boys and she likes the one on one time she gets from Argenida or Mommie when it is time to do her hair. I understand the concept of that since my kids are often a group by nature. She likes the individual time. That is cool.

As we are leaving for school, she starts shrying about the purse. So we go back inside and get it. Now here is the really girlie part: She wanted to put a brush inside of it and bring it along to school. I am not sure what made her even think of it because I never carry a brush in my purse. Instinctively she knew she needed a brush? Like her genetic girlie voice told her to fill the purse with grooming products? So weird.

Twirly skirted Dress, two bows, purse (with brush) and glittery red shoes went to school today. Thankfully cell phones and lipstick are years away, because I am not sure I could handle the morning delays of getting both of us dressed and out the door on time.

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