Monday, April 28, 2008

Ketchup is not a vegetable, it is a hair gel product

When only a title and a few photos say it all....

Our zoo goes to the zoo

I am not sure what attracts attention at the zoo....the animal exhibits or my own kids on display in the stroller. We used the choo choo wagon last year when we went to the zoo and that was a sight that most zoo patrons could not comprehend- Jeff and I agreed we got more looks than most of the animals. This year we ventured out to the zoo again, and had a blast. Our quad stroller offers sun shades and is much easier to manuever through the parking lot and on the sidewalks at the zoo.

Lillian and Sam went too, and in the double stroller they blended into the crowd no problem....unless we were parked side by side and were snapping pics- then it turned a few heads- it was an unusual spectacle to see 4 two year olds and 2 babies with only one daddy. Nat took on the role well and told anyone who dared to ask him that YES...they were all his kids. YIKES- he went on to say- they were all his but they had two mommies- which was odd, so he followed up the conversation by saying, yes, they are all my kids, we are polygimists. Conversation over.

The kids LOVED the zoo and all the animals. The favorites were the monkeys and gorillas because we got a great view of them and they were quite entertaining. Since we became friends of the zoo this year you can bet we will be making this field trip more often

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shabbat Dinner- SUMMER SUPPER

Sometimes I just really enjoy making a meal for the family- especially on nights when I have the proper time to do it right. No rushing around, no panic- just the pure joy of creating a wonderful feast. This past Friday we had Rachelle, Nat and the kids over for a Friday night celebration. Technically it was still Passover, but the observing part of the holiday was over for us, so I went all out and made dinner. I do not normally post pictures of my cooking on my blog- but in this case, it is time to say SUMMER SUPPER- the weather cooperated and we were able to grill and enjoy the all time best flavors of Summer. I made a fresh fruit tray salad, fresh baby peas, corn on the cob, salt crusted baked potatoes, Seared (rare) AHI tuna Kabobs, Kobe beef burgers, Challah rolls, and sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzerella, basil and balsamic vinegar glaze. Rachelle bought a frozen Grasshopper ice cream pie from Graeters. We ate dinner then let the kids go wild in the playroom. Normally I would just post the photos of the kids playing- but look at this spread....I will post pics of the kids another time.

COSI- the indoor playspace

We took Lillian and Sam with us this week for a field trip to COSI- the childrens' science museum and playspace. I am not sure who had more fun- the kids or the adults watching the kids. We managed to jam pack our three hour visit with water activity, indoor playgym, and several exhibits. As you can see it was a very worthwhile field trip!

Lilly Pulitzer Threw Up on my Kids

For those who know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink and green....even I admit that in these photos, YES, it looks like Lilly Pulitzer hurled all over them.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Joy of being TWO

It does not take much to entertain a two year old. They are happy with an empty box, a few stickers, or a kitchen utensil. My kids got the unique opportunity to play with the water hose today and by far this is the most fun they have had with something so simple.

A Sharper Image? Smoother Image? You decide!

In the blog category WTF, I discovered a new product sold at The Sharper Image. This Men's bodygrooming shaver is sold for men who want a smoother (hairless) body. Okay, that is fine, I guess when you can't use a razor blade to shave your nuts, you need to go to Sharper Image for this product.

What made me think so much about this product was the cleverly written advertising copy that appeared in The Sky MALL magazine. I was bored waiting at 30,000 feet and actually read the information next to this shaver- it read:

"Let's be frank: Entire industries have grown up around the small task of shaving a man's face; and Sharper Image has done its part for nose hair trimming — but why stop there? For many men, life could be a whole lot sweeter with a hair-free back, well-groomed shoulders, smooth chest, tidy underarms and neatly-kept areas...well, elsewhere. Body grooming is a sensitive issue that demands a certain delicacy that has been missing.until now. Bodygroom's™ sleek, ergonomic design is the safe, easy way to shave the biggest — as well as the most sensitive — areas of your body. Long-lasting chromium stainless steel blades self-sharpen inside its protective hypoallergenic foil. Measures 7" long. Comes with three attachment combs, shower cord (use wet or dry) and plug-in charging stand. One 8-hour charge gives you 50 minutes of cordless body grooming. Two-year warranty. "

Why not just boldly title the copy- IT IS A BALL SHAVER for when you are too lazy to use a friggin blade!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Girlie

This morning when I helped Natalie get dressed for school she insisted on taking the purse that matches her dress. I take pride in her ability to accessorize at such an early age. She already is obsessed with hairbows- they distinguish her from the boys and she likes the one on one time she gets from Argenida or Mommie when it is time to do her hair. I understand the concept of that since my kids are often a group by nature. She likes the individual time. That is cool.

As we are leaving for school, she starts shrying about the purse. So we go back inside and get it. Now here is the really girlie part: She wanted to put a brush inside of it and bring it along to school. I am not sure what made her even think of it because I never carry a brush in my purse. Instinctively she knew she needed a brush? Like her genetic girlie voice told her to fill the purse with grooming products? So weird.

Twirly skirted Dress, two bows, purse (with brush) and glittery red shoes went to school today. Thankfully cell phones and lipstick are years away, because I am not sure I could handle the morning delays of getting both of us dressed and out the door on time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dental Drama (?)

I thought for sure that the first trip to the dentist would be pure chaos. I watched Jon & Kate plus 8 take their sextuplets for a dental visit and figured if they can do it- so can I. awww hell, I only have three toddlers, surely I can handle it. We made our appointment back to back so all the two year olds would take turns and have a peer model. I went with them without helpers because they listen to me better without another authority figure. My way or the highway. It was so easy people. They loved it. First, you have to understand that we had been talking about the dentist for weeks. The trio knew they would say AHHHHH and that Jeanie would count their teeth. Pretty simple. I figured that all the tools, instruments and gagdets would be fair game in the exam room, and like clockwork all three were touching the hoses and squirting air from the tooth dryer. Jeanie was so patient and engaging. She gave them rubber gloves, some dental props, and a huge larger than life toothbrush. It was like dental pre-school. I think they all passed. Were they destructive? NO! Were they curious and into everything? YES! That is what two year olds do....that and count their siblings teeth! I guess the only drama in the dentist's office was the arrival of three, two-year olds- that ain't drama folks, that is my everyday life!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Arranged Marriages

I have been thinking...about the past and about the future with regard to marriages. In the past arranged marriages were conducted to assure family harmony and to pair up partnerships that would be otherwise overlooked by obstacles- like homely girls and geeky boys. In the more primitive times these pre-destined marriages were contracted with benefits like cattle, or other tangible goods to the parentals. That was then. Nowadays you just pray that your kids will grow up to find a mate that they are compatible with and love, and that your new relatives are the type of people you want to be associated with at seders and grandkids birthday parties.

I look at all of our kids and I can't help but wonder what the future holds for them. Right now the older two are making choices with dating and experimenting with people from other religious backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Fine. Not a problem, in fact, I welcome the diversity into our lives and I hope they learn something. They are old enough to make informed decsions and they have heard enough preaching from us to know the difference between acceptible and unacceptible behaviors. They are young and wild and free. Totally cool. I get that.

Then I look at the group of toddlers we have- so sweet and loving. I would like to eliminate the pain they main someday endure from the harsh social world of rude messages on facebook, rejection from the opposite sex and game playing, ooops I mean, dating. It got me thinking....what is so bad about arranged marriages? Aside from the fact that in most US cultures they are totally taboo and that they are pretty much illegal. I could pick a family I adore, one with a cute and hip mommie and a handsome daddy and their gorgeous son that has great hair and devilish smile. WAIT! I found him. And Natalie already likes him a lot and can say his name. She can even call for him in her loud shrill (I mean affectionate) voice.... "JAKEY!!!! Jakey come-ear right NOW! JAKEY!!!!" So....take a look at these punims...what do you think? Arranged marriage or not?


Friday, April 11, 2008

MY 2 year Old Angelic Daughter

So we are at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch with our friends and their cute Mommies. Picture the scene of 3 booster seats, 5 high chairs and only three Mommies. It was a spectacle. Our poor frazzled waiter had no clue what to do or where to start. So he began with the drink order. He approached my sweet, innocent Natalie and asked, "What would you like to drink?" She pointed to the ladies at the next table and answered his question, "WINE!" He was dumbfounded and said, "Ugh you want some wine?" To which my two year old daughter said, "OKAY!"

Now it was hilarious to me. The waiter not so much. The guy needed to get a clue- and a sense of humor. I am in serious trouble when Natalie gets more verbal. When she asks for a glass of Pinot Grigio or a nice dry Chardonnay I am busted.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring it IS!

Ahhhhhh the Spring of Central Ohio. This post could be pre-mature or wishful thinking but for two days (in a row) we have had sunny skies and mild temps. I know this praising post will jinx it, so to double un-jinx it I am getting my van washed today too. So if it rains my tulips, daffodils and crocus will get a drink, and if it stays dry and sunny the kids will get to play at the park. Oh how they love to "PLAYPARK"- one word meaning to reek havoc on the playground. Take a look at all the energy they can release in Spring weather. The photos do not show me grilling chicken on the deck, Jeff drinking a glass of Pinot and smoking a Cuban, or the mass of outdoor toys piled high on our patio or the weed pits that were my flowerbeds last season. I am saving those photo opps for another post. For now, enjoy our sunny smiles and HAPPY SPRING!

Friday, April 4, 2008

"DRIVE BY JEWISH PARENTING" I have thought about this term for sometime now. Like a random act of violence, a drive by shooting is an unsolicited attack- we all know the term Drive By shooting. I have been experiencing a phenomenon of other mommies saying negative things and offering unwelcome words of wisdom- I have deemed this annoying behavior, DRIVE BY JEWISH PARENTING. Much like the shootings, I am referring to unprevoked, un-necessary advice and comments about and related to parenting. Specifically my parenting but it very well could be your parenting too.

Having triplets plus a new baby makes me a prime (and slow moving) target for these blatant drive bys . Not a day goes by when some older woman tells me what I am doing to ruin my kids. I am ready for retalliation, but instead of shooting back, I want to just display their ignorance and insulting remarks for the world to see.

If a complete stranger tells you that you are holding, feeding or disciplining you child wrong, tell us about it here. Click on the comments below this post to document the most outrageous and heinous offenders. Any bits of stupid advice, critical comments and annoying suggestions count. Good examples from my own experience are:

Just last week in the airport, a woman asked me if I had a photo of my baby wearing that hat? (pointing to Charlotte who was modeling my ridiculously cute creation) I smiled and proudly said, YES!!! I was preparing myself to accept a compliment WHEN....she dropped the bomb and fired her shot at me, she said, "Ewwww, she is going to hate that photo when she is old enough to form an opinion."

NICE huh? Now it is your your best JEWISH MOTHERING DRIVE BYS and let's see who wins the prize!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No more Scrapbooking Excuses

You have heard me say that my poor kids will probably need therapy for the dis-service I am doing in not scrapbooking. I know all the other Mommies make these amazing journals and keepsakes. I know that my kids will have to bring in a friggin circus animal for show and tell in order to compete with their friends. With all the money I am saving by not officially scrapbooking I will be able to afford their therapy sessions.

I have the photos, the albums, the creativity. What I don't have is the time, energy or financial resources to buy all the cutters, grommets, mattes, embellishments, tools and papers needed to create the beautiful scrapbooks I dream about. Even if I had the boat loads of cash, where would I store all the supplies and projects so that I could devote all of my spare time to bettering my kids memories of childhood? I doubt that I could handle the chaos that would happen if I even tried it- so my blog has been a half assed substitute for my lack of scrapbooking....until now.

I discovered a Mom owned, on line digital scrapbooking service ( with templates that allow you to upload your photos, drag and drop them into the pages, journal a story or paragraph and look like you are a pro. It is so easy. No more excuses. I was able to crank out a 12 page baby book for Charlotte during her nap time. The company prints the pages and ships them to you- ready to be placed in a standard 12x12 leather scrapbook. Totally user friendly and in my own defense, idiot proof. At around $7.50 a page it is an affordable convienence.

The company featured us in their on-line newsletter and has a sample of some of the pages I made for Charlotte- you can see them here:

Now the only things stopping me from blogging and scrapbooking are excuses!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SURPRISE (again!)

There are no words....just a simple photo today! You can congratulate us in the comments section!

The older crowd

The older crowd
Amanda and Mitchell

A blast from the past...makes it all so real now