Sunday, March 30, 2008

TEWWE- parenting philospohy

Jeff and I subscribe to the ancient American Indian parenting philosophy...THEY EAT- WHAT WE EAT! This has developed our kids into little gourmands with a taste for exotic cuisine. I love that when you ask our toddlers what they want to have for dinner they might say Pasta ala Carbonara, Calamari, Caesar Salad or Sushi. Let's face it we eat a diverse diet (Gluten free) in our home and my kids are not afraid to try what others might think are advanced palatte entrees. Rarely do they get mac-n-cheese or chicken nuggets- mainly because I do not readily make those for us, so preventing myself from being a short order cook has its benefits. My kids are not totally deprived though- they have recently been introduced to American Food (Gasp!) on a trip to our Steak-n-Shake. Like all the other meals I have given them, they took right to it. Look out Winsteads....we might have to come and sample your stuff.

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The older crowd
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