Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ohio State Scarlet RED

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to thank the Neo Natal Intensive Care Nurses at OSU- these people saved our babies, it is that simple. Given the statistics: triplet gestation, born at 28 weeks, born under 3 pounds each, and born during RSV season- it is a miracle that today I have three, happy, healthy toddlers reeking havoc on my life. Reeking havoc is a term of endearment because when the triplets were born I could not imagine them growing and thriving into normal kids- I could not allow myself to live beyond day to day- fearing the worst and hoping and praying for the best. It is by the hands of these nurses that my blog is filled with smiles and chaos, so today we went to visit them in our OSU Scarlet shirts. Nothing gives these dedicated medical professionals more satisfaction than to see the results of their labor. Seeing is believing!


TripletsRus said...

I am your new blogger fan! Found your link from TC. Your kids are way cute. I am so excited to keep up with more TC families through their blogs.


Darcie Lutz RN said...

It was so good to see pictures of the three little babies I took care of during their stay in the NICU. I was sad because I wasn't there to see them in person. I have a special place in my heart for Eli. He is the one I startede taking care of first, and most often. They are all beautiful.

Darcie Lutz RN

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