Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let it Snow- Spring has Sprung- Let it Snow

Welcome to central Ohio everyone. Last week we got our new set of stroller wheels as seen in a previous post. The kids were dressed appropriately for the weather that day- long sleeves without coats because it was mid 60's and lovely. I almost titled the post, Spring has Sprung because afterall, it is March and today marked daylight savings.
Now the current weather is a whole other story. While we are digging out from the arctic blast that pounded us with about 2 feet of snow it has been a borderline insane few days couped up inside. Let it snow is the title of a post for December or January not March. I fear the kids will have a snow day off from school tomorrow and quite frankly I need them out of the house as we are all just a bit stir crazy having spent 3 days inside together. At some point we will officially have Cabin Fever with all symptoms already raging.

The aupairs could not wait to go out and explore the white powdery drifts- they were excited by the volume of snow as it never snows at all, not even a flake in Panama or South Africa. Watching them (from inside the warmth and dryness of my home) was fun- they are like kids again-truly wonderful to share the innocent thrill of something so simple as a snow day. I think the novelty wore off when their boots were filled with snow, socks were wet and fingers were chapped and red.

I know you would like to see photos of the triplets playing, sledding and mischief making in the snow. I am sorry to disappoint you but they had absolutely no interest in freezing their tushies off. We tried- we really did. Believe me I wanted the photo opp. There is nothing cuter than 3 little people bundled up in the elements, frolicking around. Every time I suggested we go out and play in the snow they replied, NO WAY! I let them touch the snow from the back door and deck and after their fingers bristled against the powder they were crying. Ehhhh- maybe next year. No hurry, afterall I am hoping the next post can be titled SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

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