Sunday, March 30, 2008

Field Trip to Fire Station

I am not one to just lollygag around the house. Grass does not grow underneath my feet, so this weekend I decided to indulge the small minds with a field trip to the New Albany firestation. Since the kids have an obsession with firetrucks I schelpped them into the big new firehouse where we got a wonderful tour of the place, saw all the various trucks, ambulances and were introduced to the fire dog....all by one of the most handsome fire-fightin guys in New Albany.( can you say hunk?) Our guide showed the kids the ins and outs of all the red trucks, let them climb in and around, and even helped them see the inside of the ambulance. I just hope that is their only chance to see the inside of an ambulance. Glad they got that out of their system.

The kids were loving every minute of it- the photos really don't do the fire station justice. In addition to the garage bay the men there share an awesome rec room with a dozen lazy boy recliners and a huge television. It was cute to see our guys make themselves right at home where boys would want to spend time. Natalie and Charlotte were busy taking turns petting the dog in a naturing girl like manner. The field trip was a success! Now where can we go next?

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The older crowd
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