Sunday, March 30, 2008

TEWWE- parenting philospohy

Jeff and I subscribe to the ancient American Indian parenting philosophy...THEY EAT- WHAT WE EAT! This has developed our kids into little gourmands with a taste for exotic cuisine. I love that when you ask our toddlers what they want to have for dinner they might say Pasta ala Carbonara, Calamari, Caesar Salad or Sushi. Let's face it we eat a diverse diet (Gluten free) in our home and my kids are not afraid to try what others might think are advanced palatte entrees. Rarely do they get mac-n-cheese or chicken nuggets- mainly because I do not readily make those for us, so preventing myself from being a short order cook has its benefits. My kids are not totally deprived though- they have recently been introduced to American Food (Gasp!) on a trip to our Steak-n-Shake. Like all the other meals I have given them, they took right to it. Look out Winsteads....we might have to come and sample your stuff.

Field Trip to Fire Station

I am not one to just lollygag around the house. Grass does not grow underneath my feet, so this weekend I decided to indulge the small minds with a field trip to the New Albany firestation. Since the kids have an obsession with firetrucks I schelpped them into the big new firehouse where we got a wonderful tour of the place, saw all the various trucks, ambulances and were introduced to the fire dog....all by one of the most handsome fire-fightin guys in New Albany.( can you say hunk?) Our guide showed the kids the ins and outs of all the red trucks, let them climb in and around, and even helped them see the inside of the ambulance. I just hope that is their only chance to see the inside of an ambulance. Glad they got that out of their system.

The kids were loving every minute of it- the photos really don't do the fire station justice. In addition to the garage bay the men there share an awesome rec room with a dozen lazy boy recliners and a huge television. It was cute to see our guys make themselves right at home where boys would want to spend time. Natalie and Charlotte were busy taking turns petting the dog in a naturing girl like manner. The field trip was a success! Now where can we go next?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ohio State Scarlet RED

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to thank the Neo Natal Intensive Care Nurses at OSU- these people saved our babies, it is that simple. Given the statistics: triplet gestation, born at 28 weeks, born under 3 pounds each, and born during RSV season- it is a miracle that today I have three, happy, healthy toddlers reeking havoc on my life. Reeking havoc is a term of endearment because when the triplets were born I could not imagine them growing and thriving into normal kids- I could not allow myself to live beyond day to day- fearing the worst and hoping and praying for the best. It is by the hands of these nurses that my blog is filled with smiles and chaos, so today we went to visit them in our OSU Scarlet shirts. Nothing gives these dedicated medical professionals more satisfaction than to see the results of their labor. Seeing is believing!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As you can see here, my trio loves to go and see the ducks. Okay so they are really geese- just a technicality - "DEM ARE DUCKS" Eli told me as he quacked at them. We fed these so called ducks bread, and watched as they swam in the pond. Maybe someday we will play DUCK DUCK GOOSE and I can share these photos with them to clarify.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Smiles on Saturday and Sunday

How can you resist these smiles? I got a new at home camera so that I can leave my big Digital mambo jambo at the office...I have been practicing this weekend and these are the results. For those who are tech and gadget minded, I am now using an Olympus 8.0 megapixel Stylus Camera #820- and so far, so good- don't you think?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hi from Mile High

When Jeff got booked to speak in Denver I knew it was time to tag along! We packed up Charlie and headed to the Mile High City. Grandma Andy Linkow could not wait to get her hands on her baby. Oh how she loved on the weedle one. We shopped, ate and enjoyed hanging out with friends- this seems to be a re-occuring theme in my posts lately, but I can think of worse ways to spend the time! Ahhhh- Denver, the Rocky Mountains and Neimans Last Call- does it get any better? Nope- no way. Next time we hope to stay longer than 2 days, but for now all I can say is bye bye mile high.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

It was a dream come true for Argenida. Ahhhh, Las Vegas. As seen in CSI and other television programs, this is the city of bright lights, casinos, night clubs and designer shopping. It was our job to make the most of the short trip by packing as much fun into the trip as possible.

In our three day stay we managed to see and do just about everything a 21 year old Panamanian girl could want- and MORE! We hit the outlet shops, dined in the famous restaurants, hit the Mandalay Bay Beach wave pool and Club, watched Jeff give a speech, visited the Shark Reef Aquarium, got VIP passes to the trendy and hip nightclub called MIX on the 62nd floor of the hotel, and saw a featherweight fight press conference from the red carpet. Do we know how to WOW an aupair or what?

The photos do not lie....VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let it Snow- Spring has Sprung- Let it Snow

Welcome to central Ohio everyone. Last week we got our new set of stroller wheels as seen in a previous post. The kids were dressed appropriately for the weather that day- long sleeves without coats because it was mid 60's and lovely. I almost titled the post, Spring has Sprung because afterall, it is March and today marked daylight savings.
Now the current weather is a whole other story. While we are digging out from the arctic blast that pounded us with about 2 feet of snow it has been a borderline insane few days couped up inside. Let it snow is the title of a post for December or January not March. I fear the kids will have a snow day off from school tomorrow and quite frankly I need them out of the house as we are all just a bit stir crazy having spent 3 days inside together. At some point we will officially have Cabin Fever with all symptoms already raging.

The aupairs could not wait to go out and explore the white powdery drifts- they were excited by the volume of snow as it never snows at all, not even a flake in Panama or South Africa. Watching them (from inside the warmth and dryness of my home) was fun- they are like kids again-truly wonderful to share the innocent thrill of something so simple as a snow day. I think the novelty wore off when their boots were filled with snow, socks were wet and fingers were chapped and red.

I know you would like to see photos of the triplets playing, sledding and mischief making in the snow. I am sorry to disappoint you but they had absolutely no interest in freezing their tushies off. We tried- we really did. Believe me I wanted the photo opp. There is nothing cuter than 3 little people bundled up in the elements, frolicking around. Every time I suggested we go out and play in the snow they replied, NO WAY! I let them touch the snow from the back door and deck and after their fingers bristled against the powder they were crying. Ehhhh- maybe next year. No hurry, afterall I am hoping the next post can be titled SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Wheels

Okay- at some point I will be done "collecting" strollers, but for now we have more than our fair share of small wheels in the garage. We just added this fancy Foundations QUAD stroller to our stable of strollers and I am quite sure it will be the last stroller I buy. I am not ready to admit that I have a stroller addiction, in fact I am selling several of our current inventory ( 2 double strollers and a single) at the CMOTC sale next weekend. Let's face it, our needs have changed and now we have about every possible stroller configuration that exists. Jeff has finally said it would be nice to be able to move the strollers so he can park his CAR in the garage. Parking a vehicle in the garage....what a novel concept?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

School Pictures

Natalie has her diva moments. There are times when she is simply not interested in what you have to say or want her to do. Take picture day at pre-school for example. As seen here she was not at all amused by the photographer, and she just did not want to participate in having her picture taken. Period. Nuff said. End of story. NEXT!!!
Neatums is a two year old with a mind of her own, and we think that is a good thing. So if she has attitude so be it. She can express herself with a scowl and still be so dang cute. See what I mean? We love this photo because it is the triplets first official school picture and it is all about PERSONALITY. I am sure we will look back at his moment in time and crack up because this is only the start of her expression of Nat-itude.

The older crowd

The older crowd
Amanda and Mitchell

A blast from the past...makes it all so real now