Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Green Goddess

Oh how I love everything about the title of this post. One of my favorite 1970's memories is of Green Goddess salad dressing- it was by Seven Seas and it was clearly the dressing of the Seventies. Now fast forward to 2008 and take a look at my new favorite version of Green Goddess. This is Charlotte modeling in Argenida's "new" room. We did an extreme makeover to the guestroom last weekend when Argenida agreed to extend her Aupair visa for another year. YIPPEE... in our excitement we wanted to do something special to recognize how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE having her in our home. Now her room is officially hers- she picked the color and matching bedding. We need a few accessories, a new area rug and some more framed artwork & photos, but all in all it is perfect for all of our Green Goddesses


The Dairy Wife said...

Hi Helene.

I'm Tanya, Mom to "The FarmHouse Kids" ... well, they really aren't FarmHouse Kids, but we live on a farm and they're three year old triplets.

I saw your blog listing on TC and thought I'd check it out.

Actually, we've met a couple of times. At least through Ebay. I've bought a couple things from you.

Love the blog, and you've got cutie kids too. How much fun to get a bonus baby after the trio.

I too love Jen Mullinax. She inspires me so much. I live in Indiana and hopefully someday I'd love her to photograph my kiddo's.

Good to meet you.


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks for the comment Tanya- I am relatively new to the blog thing, and I LOVE TO GET COMMENTS...yes, if you are reading this, it is a HUGE HINT...C'mon Peeps. Feedback?

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The older crowd
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