Monday, February 25, 2008

March for Babies- Walk for Babies- RUN for OUR BABIES

As you can see from the link at the right side of the blog, we are proudly walking for the March of Dimes again this year. With pride and gratitude to the fine work of the March of Dimes organization, we have put together our own little team of walkers and fundraisers. If you live close enough to join our team that would be a few hours of quality time for certain. If you want to participate but can be here in person, just sponsor us with a donation, or encourage us in the comments section here. Either way we will be celebrating the triumph of our beautiful 28 weekers and the success of their story.

It gives me great pride to push my kids in the stroller because it was just over two years ago that I sat next to their isolettes wondering if we would ever be able to take them all home and watch them grow & thrive. I wanted to pay it forward then, and now I find ways to help other parents in a similar situation. No one helps preemies more than the March of Dimes. Our peanuts were a hint more than 2 pounds a pop, their combined weight (all three) was less than most full term singletons. Now, I marvel at them everyday and can't really remember how small and fragile they really were- in fact, I look back at the NICU photos and I wonder how the hell I held it together during that part of my life.

Join us in celebrating our family and helping us help the fine folks at the March of Dimes!

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The older crowd
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