Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Las Vegas BABY

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...well, unless you have a blog and go there with your wonderful husband and spend two days and nights shopping, dining and seeing friends, right? This quick little trip was all business for Jeff and all tag along pleasure for me....I made it to Neiman's Last Call before I had even been on Nevada soil for an hour. We landed, picked up the car, and headed south on I-15 to Primm, Nevada. 39 miles at 80 miles an hour and I was in heaven. All in a days work my friends.

This time we stayed at http://www.mandalaybay.com/persona/thehotel.aspx The Mandalay Bay resort which was great- certainly not The Venetian where we had our first date, but the room was on the 30th floor with a view of the strip, and it was ours alone for two nights. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so if you are wondering what kind of activities kept us busy you will have to use your imagination.

The www.chinagrillmgt.com/chinaLV/main.cfm?pp=0 China Grill Restaurant did not disappoint us- for those of you who are food focused too, let me just share a few of the delicious items we enjoyed- they are sure to make your mouth water. Our plates were a work of art, filled with creative Asian inspired dishes. Since we had a double date with our good friends we were able to order many items served family style. They included:

marinated tempura tofu & shitake mushroom potstickers
curried chicken satay with chilled sesame noodles & crushed chili ponzu
spicy beef & scallion dumplings

crackling calamari salad with lime miso dressing

pan seared spicy tuna with avocado shashimi and seaweed
sweet soy marinated skirt steak with wok sautéed lo mein noodles & tempura shitake mushrooms
wasabi mashed potatoes
barbecued salmon with chinese mustard and flash fried greens

Cosmopolitans and Tsg Tao beers

So....we ate, we drank, we slept, and we did not make it to a single casino gaming event- no black jack no slots, just us...in Vegas! Yippee!

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