Friday, February 15, 2008

Chocolate Covered Tripets, ooops, I meant Chocolate covered strawberries!

Either way you state it, they had a blast. What is not to love about celebrating Valentine's day with long stemmed, chocolate dipped, fresh strawberries? Okay, so they ended up being covered in chocolate too, there are worse things. And yes, yes, yes, I know you are not supposed to give an infant chocolate or strawberries for that matter, because of potential allergies, but honestly- how can you say no to a 7 month old mooch? Make that a 7 month old, happy, smiling, persistant mooch.

It was bath night, which meant as soon as they finished devouring the berries, they were plopped into a tub full of suds. Since we turn on the jacuzzi and add some shower gel it creates a virtual Jetson;s style automated whirpool like washing machine for toddlers. There is very little scrubbing involved. They play and we rinse.

Mommie and Daddy put the little ones to bed and enjoyed a quiet evening celebrating what we love about each other- like being home with the silent sound of our house after four teeny people are sleeping. Take that Cupid!

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The older crowd
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