Sunday, January 6, 2008

Statements from morons

Questions and statements from strangers in public are weird. I have had two years to get used to the fact that people are idiots. I know that most people mean well and are just trying to say something to avoid the staring and pointing at my choo choo wagon with four peanuts, but sometimes I just want to be more anonymus. For example the following are usually meant to just strike up a conversation, but they absolutely get on my every last nerve:

"You have your hands full" ....duh, captain obvious!

"I had twins and thought that was bad enough" triplets is worse than twins, what the hell?

"WOW, triplets, now you are done, right?"- as if my birth control is your business?

"Are they identical?"- Nope, Natalie does not have a penis (yet...hee hee)

"Did you take drugs?" This one is from the uneducated nosey nellie that wants to know is we used assisted reproductive technology (fertility treatments)- I just say we are blessed and leave it at that...who cares, anyway. Does it matter?

"Oh my, look at all those kids, I would kill myself"...this one pisses me off. I usually say in my sugary sweet sarcastic tone,...oh thank you!

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The older crowd
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