Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Props and Pans Contest

I have been reviewing and writing for a great website called Props N' Pans. Hip products and services are either given props or pans- good stuff I tell yah, no frills opinions by real folks like you and me.

Check out all the fun facts about the cool shoes for kids- called POLLIWALKS, they are like crocs but way more elaborate. The soles leave great animal footprints in the snow or mud if you dare let your brood in the dirt. My kids would just like the face like fronts with ladybugs being Natalie's pick and the boys tromping around in the frogs. Super cute.

Anyhoo, there is a giveaway you should enter- you just might win a pair of these adorable kids shoes in the process of reading some of my reviews. I would like to win a pair or two or three also, but it is a slippery slope- keep the odds high by not spreading the word of the contest, or make my readers more informed as they enter, ...win some lose some. Click here to drop in to the Props N' Pans site and see if you can score a pair. If you win, I'll be thrilled, okay maybe not thrilled, but amused. Good Luck!

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The older crowd
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