Thursday, January 10, 2008

CJ knows Victoria's Secret....shhhh!

Okay, so last night we took the kids out to dinner. I parked right in front of Victoria's Secret and as I was parallel parking I noticed the mannequin in the window, hmmmm, nice thong I thought to myself as I admired the whole Valentine's Day theme. Cute.

As I got all the kids unstrapped from carseats and lined up to hold hands on the sidewalk I saw little CJ staring into the window display. He looked at me, pointed to the bare-assed mannequin and said, " Look Mommie, a TUSHIE!" I said, yes CJ that is a tushie in the window! Eli chimed in by looking, then giggling and saying, "Mommie, Dats Funny!"

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The older crowd

The older crowd
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