Thursday, January 24, 2008

Central Ohio- Arctic Tundra

Brrrrrrrrrr. It is freezing. No ifs ands or buts, it is downright COLD. These are the days spent at home just enjoying our furnace and warm meals. The boys had an interesting conversation last night. While eating their bowl of Chili (remember it is cold outside) they are looking out the window in the kitchen.

CJ: (pointing outside) It dark

Eli: It night

CJ: It so cold

Eli: Look da moon (pointing to the sky)

Eli: Sun in day, Moon at Night

CJ: Yeah, no sun. It night

For those of you wondering why Natalie did not participate in the stimulating conversation, there are two words to describe her silence: ICE CREAM. Let's admit it, the girl knows when to get involved in a discussion and during Dulce Leche Scoop night, she was all about concentrating on the ice cream.

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The older crowd
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