Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Calling all those that are Baby Crazy

People are nuts. I have learned long ago that are some serious weirdos out there. Here is proof. There is a new trend in England. Fake babies. Not just pretending you have a child, but actually carrying around and caring for a doll that looks like a real baby. These dolls are highly collected and are called REBORN babies. The creators of these plastic infants call themselves artists and they go to great lengths to give these fake babies all the traits of an actual newborn. Oh, and these dolls ain't cheap either. These are not some $39.95 cabbage patch dollies, we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars plus buying a real stroller to push around said faux baby. Seeing is believing so here is what I am talking about.




So these so called babies are perfect, they stay in the newborn stage permanently and they are a one time cost- no schools, no nannies....hmmm, still it seems odd to me that a grown woman would play house with a doll. What is next....fake husbands? Now that is something I might be interested in!

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