Monday, January 28, 2008

Bath Buddies

The nice thing about having 4 tiny tushies to bathe, is that four little hineys fit so cutely in my tub. Bath time is a real crowd pleaser in my house. In fact, I probably have the only kids who cry when bath time is over and ask to take a bath daily. Our favorite bath toys can be seen in the photos but include, a propel bottle, dawn dishsoap container, wind up boat, turkey baster, swimming froggies, and wide tooth comb. My kids have such simple tastes. Life is good.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Central Ohio- Arctic Tundra

Brrrrrrrrrr. It is freezing. No ifs ands or buts, it is downright COLD. These are the days spent at home just enjoying our furnace and warm meals. The boys had an interesting conversation last night. While eating their bowl of Chili (remember it is cold outside) they are looking out the window in the kitchen.

CJ: (pointing outside) It dark

Eli: It night

CJ: It so cold

Eli: Look da moon (pointing to the sky)

Eli: Sun in day, Moon at Night

CJ: Yeah, no sun. It night

For those of you wondering why Natalie did not participate in the stimulating conversation, there are two words to describe her silence: ICE CREAM. Let's admit it, the girl knows when to get involved in a discussion and during Dulce Leche Scoop night, she was all about concentrating on the ice cream.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Props and Pans Contest

I have been reviewing and writing for a great website called Props N' Pans. Hip products and services are either given props or pans- good stuff I tell yah, no frills opinions by real folks like you and me.

Check out all the fun facts about the cool shoes for kids- called POLLIWALKS, they are like crocs but way more elaborate. The soles leave great animal footprints in the snow or mud if you dare let your brood in the dirt. My kids would just like the face like fronts with ladybugs being Natalie's pick and the boys tromping around in the frogs. Super cute.

Anyhoo, there is a giveaway you should enter- you just might win a pair of these adorable kids shoes in the process of reading some of my reviews. I would like to win a pair or two or three also, but it is a slippery slope- keep the odds high by not spreading the word of the contest, or make my readers more informed as they enter, some lose some. Click here to drop in to the Props N' Pans site and see if you can score a pair. If you win, I'll be thrilled, okay maybe not thrilled, but amused. Good Luck!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New York- the city that never sleeps

While the title may be true, my recent New York trip proved otherwise. Oh there was plenty to see and do like always but this trip was just Jeff and me, a huge Soho loft and no specific agenda. Just sleep. Ahhhh- no babies, no alarm clock, just heavenly sleep- together. Nice!

We managed to dine in a french bistro, stroll through the busy streets, and do some "research" on style. And by research I mean shopping. I love New York. The people, the hustle & bustle, the buzz! Seriously, where else can you buy a $40,995 Patek Phillipe watch** for $30? I marveled at the sheer skill of the Asian salesforce on Canal Street...try it with me, Gucci, Coach, Chanel- say it faster and whisper it to the passers by....Gucci, Prada, Chanel. Gucci, Prada, Chanel. Properly spoken to the tourists it was the hook that got them to step inside their booths. Genius.

Steve Rizzo sent his driver to get us and we made the trek out to Wading River to have a grown up version of a sleepover. So fun. In our version of the slumber party we drink too much great red wine, enjoy a gourmet meal, and laugh at each other because we can. Gina and Steve were the perfect hosts in their restored farm house on a quiet little street with a white picket fence. No shit, it was flawless on every level. Being the houseguest of a stand up comedian should be done at your own risk. My sides are still hurting and as Martha Stewart might say, that is a good thing!

The best part of the our short trip was getting home past bedtime. We quietly snuck upstairs and saw the little sleeping people all curled up in their footie jammies. The time away was sublime, but coming back to our own world was perfection.

I fell asleep in my own bed and was dreaming of Billy Joel, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Sex & the City, a coke and a slice, Tony Soprano and the sound of taxi cabs squealing because I was, and I am still in, a New York state of mind!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

CJ knows Victoria's Secret....shhhh!

Okay, so last night we took the kids out to dinner. I parked right in front of Victoria's Secret and as I was parallel parking I noticed the mannequin in the window, hmmmm, nice thong I thought to myself as I admired the whole Valentine's Day theme. Cute.

As I got all the kids unstrapped from carseats and lined up to hold hands on the sidewalk I saw little CJ staring into the window display. He looked at me, pointed to the bare-assed mannequin and said, " Look Mommie, a TUSHIE!" I said, yes CJ that is a tushie in the window! Eli chimed in by looking, then giggling and saying, "Mommie, Dats Funny!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Calling all those that are Baby Crazy

People are nuts. I have learned long ago that are some serious weirdos out there. Here is proof. There is a new trend in England. Fake babies. Not just pretending you have a child, but actually carrying around and caring for a doll that looks like a real baby. These dolls are highly collected and are called REBORN babies. The creators of these plastic infants call themselves artists and they go to great lengths to give these fake babies all the traits of an actual newborn. Oh, and these dolls ain't cheap either. These are not some $39.95 cabbage patch dollies, we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars plus buying a real stroller to push around said faux baby. Seeing is believing so here is what I am talking about.

So these so called babies are perfect, they stay in the newborn stage permanently and they are a one time cost- no schools, no nannies....hmmm, still it seems odd to me that a grown woman would play house with a doll. What is next....fake husbands? Now that is something I might be interested in!

Monday, January 7, 2008


The Hanukkah gifts are being enjoyed- there is no doubt we are short on attention span and long on toys. The play room can go from neat to chaos in about 3 minutes. Ahhhh the joys of toddlerhood. Here are some pictures that show what it is like on a typical day. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Statements from morons

Questions and statements from strangers in public are weird. I have had two years to get used to the fact that people are idiots. I know that most people mean well and are just trying to say something to avoid the staring and pointing at my choo choo wagon with four peanuts, but sometimes I just want to be more anonymus. For example the following are usually meant to just strike up a conversation, but they absolutely get on my every last nerve:

"You have your hands full" ....duh, captain obvious!

"I had twins and thought that was bad enough" triplets is worse than twins, what the hell?

"WOW, triplets, now you are done, right?"- as if my birth control is your business?

"Are they identical?"- Nope, Natalie does not have a penis (yet...hee hee)

"Did you take drugs?" This one is from the uneducated nosey nellie that wants to know is we used assisted reproductive technology (fertility treatments)- I just say we are blessed and leave it at that...who cares, anyway. Does it matter?

"Oh my, look at all those kids, I would kill myself"...this one pisses me off. I usually say in my sugary sweet sarcastic tone,...oh thank you!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A day at home

Crazy as it may sound sometimes the most fun we have is to just stay home and enjoy the day with all the kids. Since the Balmy Ohio weather reached a high of 22 degrees on New Year's day we just hung out in the warmth of our home. Here is a collection of photos taken during our snuggle fest 2008.

The older crowd

The older crowd
Amanda and Mitchell

A blast from the past...makes it all so real now